Bihar Consortium

Bihar is the worst flood affected state in the entire country. According to a state government report, 37% of the total geographical area of the state is flood prone. North Bihar is especially vulnerable to floods with as much as 76% of the region coming under the influence of floods. This phenomenon has aggravated largely due to building of large dams, barrages, canals etc. on the rivers without giving due consideration to the natural flow of the river and ecology. The lopsided development policies and poor planning has contributed to large scale destruction and damage to the lives of the people living in the vicinity of these rivers adversely affecting their livelihoods and surroundings.  The three major rivers Ganga, Koshi and Gandak together are the major source of devastation and destruction caused due to floods every year.  Swaraj has initiated three consortiums in the state (Ganga Koshi and Gandak) to organise and strengthen people’s movements and create pressure on the government to address issues in the region.