Dhonashi Goa Unemployed Women’s Programme

The village Dhonashi is one of the most backward villages of Bandora Panchayat in Goa District. Out of the total population of 276 of the entire village women constitute 48.55% and 41.04% women are absolutely illiterate. The rate of women unemployment is relatively higher and their percentage comes to 26.11%. This unemployed rural force belongs to the middle and semi- middle socio- economic group and most of them are from backward classes.

Due to their illiteracy and ignorance most of their time is being wasted. Apart from the general education these women folks lack any (traditional) technical know how, to utilise the locally available resources. In these families only the male members are the earning members. 90% of the male members take alcohol and spend a good amount of their income for buying alcohol and spend a good amount of their income for buying alcohol. Besides maximum expenditure   is done for modernisation. Women and children in the house spend a large share of the rest of the amount in   purchasing luxury articles. As a result they are left with very little amount for their primary needs. Because of the high cost of living in Goa, people afford very scarce for their primary needs. Their ability to purchase the basic needs has need deteriorated due to the prevailing modernised culture. Lack of appropriate foods affect their health as result unexpected death rates are high in this area.

In is notable fact that in Goa area no sufficient women awareness programme is launched. As a result – sitting together keeping relations between families are sported in an informal sense. Interaction between women and women are zeopardised. Mothers try to accommodate their children in the prevailing modern civilization.  Ritual talks, character building, moral education, family feeling, story telling mother stops activities. As a result the position of women and their condition today have been so mechanical that they have completely forgotten the basic role of women as mothers and their respective role as a housewife to improve their house by extinguishing their family member from bad habits and reinforcing them for their good qualities.

In this critical fallen stand, the women wing of the peaceful society intend to launch   an educational –cum – economic based programmed within Goa society. One introduced economic programme within Goa society. One introduced economic programme would serve as a media for a continuous movement along with providing   them a justifiable balance income.



1.       To raise the economic standard of the target families providing them employment.

2.       To provide their literacy standard.

3.       To generate their self –employed women programme.

4.       To provide necessary skill for utilising the locally available resources.

5.       To foster a women awareness programme for brightening their awareness.

6.       To impart education for the women for detaching their husband from the habit of drinking alcohol and creating a healthy family atmosphere.

7.       To utilise the local available resources and minimising the modern article.

8.       To impart health education like value of nutritious food, food preservation, value of filtered water, good impart of environment, cleanliness and sanitation.

9.       To inform the women about assistance available from Govt. for their development.

10.   To create a band of rural youth women for establishing a Peaceful Village Society

Target Village

For the first Dhonshi village 20 families (most down-trodden) would be selected from the worst suffering. In the subsequent year other families would be included. In selecting the target families the concept of most economical backwardness would be kept in view.



A.     Informal Education for women.

For awakening centre would be opened by the peaceful society in Dhonshi village. An Instructor would be chosen from the same village. The content of the education would be related to the life style of the local language.

Appropriate motivation would be created to encourage the women to attend the centre. In each day the centre would be run for one hour per day. The time would be fixed depending upon their convenience. The relation between Instructor and participant should be of very informal type.

The course content would be very useful type. A pattern of those few may be given for example.

  1. Common alphabets and number for read, write and numerical calculation for keeping        home account of income and expenditure.

2.       Child rearing practical and pattern of baby care.

3.       Type of nutritious food and their preservation.

4.       Effect of clean atmosphere.

5.       Effect of alcohol and type of diseases born by it.

6.       About the details of our state and country and the basic relation and duties of

Government and citizen

7.       Positive aspect of story telling to the children.

8.       Impact of utilization of village resource in sustaining economy.

9.       Idle of home management.

10.   Available Government assistance for family welfare programme through various schemes.

11.   Role of women in taking part in Government’s development programme etc.

12.   Positive effect of women’s association in each and every village.

13.   Bad impact of excessive use of luxurious modern item.

14.   Good effect saving.


In the beginning stage on behalf of the peaceful\ society a centre would be started. The instructor would be selected and she would be trained and acquainted of this type of programme by visiting centres in and around the state. After her return from training she would arrange a general women meeting in the village and explain about the programme to be operated. Before selection of the learners/ participants to this programme, each of them should be thoroughly convinced about the urgency of this type of programme in the village and its expected results. The general term of the centre is 12 months.


b.  Employment Programme

Those women who would be the learners in the centre would be associated with some income-generating programme in the leisure time. Each woman should have to visit centre for contributing her labour in the income-generating programme.

The objective as explained earlier is to acquant the women to make productive of her time in adding some amount in her husband’s income. It is a type of supplementary income for the participating women in the programme.

On behalf of the peaceful society, it is proposed to start some employment programme utilising the locally available resources. Coconuts, bettlenut (Supari) in Bandora Panchayat are the main crops. Due to lack of technical know how its different parts of simple wastage, out of which many good handicraft things could have developed. Besides this, there are types of local fruits, which can be utilised for preparing sol-curty (a type of palatable liquid dish). The juice of mango and jack – fruit can be used for different type of dish. In this connection it is concretely through that the following items would be used for employment programme.

1.       Preparation of brooms out of coconut leaves.

2.       Preparation of different types of dish plates out of bettlenut tree’s cover (pouly).

3.       Processing of bettlenuts.

4.       Preparation of curry out the locally available jackfruits seeds.

5.       Preparation of papad and pickles.



The advantages behind these programmes are that the raw materials are readily available plenty. Maximum of raw materials can be utilised for productive purpose. Village woman can be able to learn the indigenous utilise the wastage. The product can be a better substitute for the costly modern commodities. The village people would get different type of necessary articles in a relative low rate, thereby they can save a lot of price constant use of these raw product would bring back to their attitude from modern commodities for their village product.



Deliberately the Peaceful Society decides to handle this woman programme instead of making this programme woman’s won because of the fact that the sentiment of village women in Goa is different than other part of India. For the first time since the programme is introduced to the woman, they have to be acquainted with the pros and cons of the programme. They should be thoroughly understood the basic objective of the programme. When they would be convinced about the objective, in the subsequent years this programme would be left in the control of women association. The first year would be served as a year of motivation and acquaintance about its management, marketability, productivity of the products.

The raw material would be collected in reasonable price from the families. It would be stored in the promises of Peaceful Society.

The women could be provided orientation for each item. The women co –ordinator of this programme (a trained women) would impart training and for a greater exposure, the women would be sent for one-month orientation, they would start preparing the products. The complishing products would be sent to market. A reasonable income should be provided to each participant in the programme.

Saving Habit

Due motivation would be created among the participants open a compulsory saving account either in back or in   post office and the details of a advantage of saving habit would be explained in their informal education centre