Jharkhand Report


1.1    Propagation and implementation of govt. welfare schemes:

Propagation and implementation of govt. welfare schemes is one of the ongoing activities to ensure benefit to the poor and needy. Following actions were taken in this direction-

a.)        The application in prescribed performa from 211 poor families have been submitted to recognise them as Below Poverty Line (BPL), 155 families have been listed as BPL by the concerned department.

b.)        27 applications for water hand pumps have been submitted out of which 17 hand pumps are installed.

c.)        144 applications for availing Ration Card is submitted

d.)       237 applications under Old Age Pension, 33 under Maternity Benefit Scheme and 17 under Balwari scheme have been submitted. So far 163 persons have benefited from Old Age pension, and 12 persons under the Maternity Benefit Scheme. 9 Balwaris ( nursery schools) were started.


Strategic Thrust -3: 


3.1            Consultation on Gender Equality:

A five-day campaign for Gender Equality was organised from March 4-8, 2008. Range of activities were organised in PDO area in which 127 women and 87 men played key role. The following points were highlighted during the campaign-

a.      Domestic violence

b.     End the differences between boys and girls

c.      Develop leadership quality among women

d.     Ensure men participation in domestic work

3.2            Women Education:

It was resolved to focus to ensure 100% literacy among the women and continuation of the study by the drop out girls. The people supported education centres are imparting literacy to the illiterate women. Following chart is self-explanatory-

Name of the PDO

Enrolment of girls

Number of women become literate

Education centre

Swaraj Lok Kalyan Kendra- Bokaro




Swaraj Lok Seva Sansthan- Hazaribagh




Swaraj Lok Vikas Sansthan- Giridih




Swaraj Janseva Sansthan- Chatra