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Peaceful Society

Volunteer + Internship + Full Time Worker

  1. Volunteer:-
  2. Must have faith in Gandhian ideology,
  3. Must be completely non-alcoholic and non-smoker,
  4. Ready to do any work at any time,
  5. Be cordial with the team and people in around,
  6. Must be doing own work like washing cloths and utensils, keeping room clean, 
  7. Must respect local culture, language etc.
  8. Peaceful Society may take responsibility of simple food and accommodation.
  • Internship:-

Besides above for Volunteer must comply with the following,

  • Must have consent of head of the institution and Executive Secretary, Peaceful Society,
  • Must be clear about subject, task, duration, filed work and overall outcome of the internship before joining for it.
  • May have to pay to Peaceful Society for lodging and boarding in advance.

Write to,

with intimation on

+91 86682 25393