1. Education and motivation programme,
  2. Movement against eviction of Vanvasi Community in Cotigaon,
  3. Support to backward class for funeral site,
  4. Educational support given to more than 350 students so far,
  5. Organised Knit India Cycle rally in Goa under the guidance of Shri Baba Amte,
  6. Organised Sankalp Divas to propagate National Integration and Secularism,
  7. Launched Anti Superstition Campaign,
  8. Organised 67 Farmers Camps, Organised more then 500 youth camps and meetings,
  1. Organised 26 N.S.S. Camps of 10 days duration on various themes,
  2. More then 200 Health Clinic organised and issues like malnutrition, health care of rural women and children, eye care, tuberculosis, diabetes were treated,
  3. Initiated campaign for prohibition of liquor,
  4. Organised camps, seminars, workshops and village level meeting to strengthen Panchayati Raj and published 5 booklets and edited a book.
  5. Raised voice against imposition of Iodised Salt,
  6. Raised strong voice against Violence with Women,
  7. Took the issue of “Drinking Water” problem in Cotigaon, provided on bore-well at Avem,


  1. Formation of Vanvasi Sanghathana in Cotigaon,
  2. Formation of Gram Vikas Kendra in Savoiverem to undertake sustainable development activities,
  3. Formed Save the Western Ghats Movement,
  4. Formed Nav Nirman Abhiyan to undertake the task of National Integration,
  5. Formed Eco Forum for Sustainable Development of Goa, an umbrella   organisation of all environmental organisation in Goa,
  6. Formed Anti Superstition Campaign Committee Goa,
  7. Formed Western India Forum for Panchayati Raj,
  8. Formed Wildlife Protection Group-WPG to undertake environmental training programme,
  9. Formed Koshi Consortium to protect the life of victims of dam and conserve the ecology of Koshi river basin in north Bihar,
  1. Formed Gandak Consortium to protect the life of victims of dam and conserve the ecology of Gandak river basin in North (West) Bihar,
  2. Formed Ganga Consortium to undertake educational and developmental activities and fight against environmental destructions in the Ganga region of Bihar,
  3. Formed “ Save Damodar Campaign” to save river Damodar and people around,
  4. Formed a “Salt Producers Association” at Agarwada / Pernem,
  5. Formed  “ SWARAJ ” A Forum for Gandhian Societal Perspective & Action,
  6. Formed “ Indian River-Valley Network” (IRN),
  7. Formed Rural Women’s Front to undertake problems of rural women.
  8. Formed a “ Forum for Peaceful & Secular India”.


  1. Organised two Regional Consultations of Environmentalist and Environmental Activist for Western & Southern states,
  1. Along with 160 organisations, organised a 100 days massive foot march – Save the Western Ghats March to highlights its ecological and environmental importance,
  2. Initiated education process against -hazardous Nylon-66 project and played lead role in the movement against this project,
  3. Promoted 128 composts and 54 bio-gas in Cotigaon, Paiginim, Pernem, Madkai,
  4. More then 1.6 lakhs saplings of 22 species distributed,
  5. Promotion of Natural Farming (having experimental farm in Honsowada-Madkai)
  1. Collection  & Promotion of Indigenous Seeds,
  2. Organised seminar in Konkani on Bio-diversity of Goa,
  3. Organised a seminar on Medicinal Plants of Goa jointly with Goa University,
  4. Took initiative in the formation of   People’s Environment Commission,
  5. Promoted various River Consortiums to protect the environment.
  6. Organised a two days national dialogue on “Water”,
  7. Organised two days state wide campaign – “Jal Yatra” (Water March),


  1. More then 600 Girls and women were benefited through 34 tailoring Training classes,
  1. A cottage industry was managed for 7 years in Bandora and two years in Madkai making various eatable items with the aim of providing employment to rural women,
  2. More then 3500 persons were benefited through banks,
  3.  Women were benefited through employment programme and 7 DWACRA groups and SEVA programme,
  4. Assisted 29 families for getting land for housing (now known as Parshuram Nagar) in Bandora Panchayat,



  1. Undertook house to house socio, economic, resources and need based survey of Bandora, Cotigaon, Korgaon, Maulinge-Kudchire and Cumbharjuve,
  2. Establishment of a Documentation Centre, (Later the documents were donated to Goa Union of Journalist for their ready reference),
  3. Undertook scientific study of “Sand dune ecology”,  “Sand Extraction”, “Water Resources-Tank”,  “Aforestation in North Canara”, “Biological Role of Carombolim Lake” etc,
  4. Organised various programme for the promotion of Gandhian thoughts & works,
  5. Played key role in the documentation and publication Fish Curry & Rice a report on Goa’s environment,
  6. Participated in more then 175 seminars, workshops, symposiums, meetings, conventions, conferences organised by various governmental agencies, national and international organisations,
  7. Organised national symposium on “Societal Peace”.
  8. Initiated “Participatory Strategic Planning” processes in 7 states, compiled its outcomes,
  9. Published 5 Booklets on and about Panchayati Raj,
  10. Undertook the study of “Gram Sabha” in few panchayats in Gujarat,
  11. Organised hundreds of state, regional and national level training camps, workshops, symposiums, consultations, conferences etc. on range of issues and themes.